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Carry On Hypocrites 9 January 2007

Posted by David in Labour.

Yesterday it was Ruth Kelly sending her son to a private special needs school which she, through forcefully closing over 100 similar state special needs schools against the parents wishes, denies others through the warped ideology of New Labour socialism.

Today it’s Tony Blair, who intends to continue flying off on freebie Bee Gees holidays, whilst raising “eco-taxes” to price ordinary mere mortals out of the skies. Again it’s the total hypocrisy which is the problem.

First I should set my stall. I believe airlines should be taxed the same as all other businesses. Currently airline fuel has a tax excemption, this should be removed or given to all fuel (otherwise it is unfair competition).

Airlines do pollute, and airports are a blot on the landscape that destroy entire areas, so I want to halt the growth of air travel. I do not want to do this with taxation, or with crazy bureaucratic carbon trading schemes(which amount to mere rationing with trade-able ration coupons). The best way is to stop expanding airports – so when they reach full capacity, they have reached full capacity. Strangely planned airport expansion was reported alongside eco-taxes to stop aviation growth. And they say eco-taxes aren’t just a money grabbing plot.

The problem with Blair’s flying is not that he is flying, but that he is trying to tax others out of the sky. I also note that despite all the 4×4 “gas guzzler” tax plans, the government still uses them…



1. Joe - 18 January 2007

I must admit this eco bandwagon is one I just can’t get on. To me, most of it is half baked Ludditism.
When they complain about leaded petrol or recycling, fair enough I suppose.
But this latest crusade against the most efficient form of modern transport available to anyone, makes me decidedly uneasy.
But then, in much the same way, I don’t quite understand the resistance to Nuclear power either. To me it’s clean, efficient and encourages investment in atomic research which leads to fresh innovation.
I suspect if I’m honest these eco-warriors have pushed me into a kind of perverse anti-environmentalism sometimes, but I do wish Cameron would stop all this fake greenness. If he doesn’t I have to go through the annoying ordeal of finding someone else to vote for.

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