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Lords Leap, So Attack The EU Constitution 10 January 2007

Posted by David in Conservatives, Europe.

Yesterday two Lords defected to Ukip, giving the party its first ever Westminster voice. It received a reasonably high level of coverage and I imagine is partially responsible for David Cameron’s speech today at the German CSU Conference, in which he heavily attacked the EU Constitution as “a dead document” and “the wrong direction”.

The speech will no doubt be of some reassurance to the increasingly worried anti-EU majority of the Conservative Party, but was not sufficiently so to halt further fears. David Cameron outlined three P’s for the EU’s direction: “people, planet and poverty”. The FT calls it “almost a policy”, I don’t, it could mean almost anything.



1. Joe - 13 January 2007

It is ironic that for the ten years that the word ‘Conservative’ was considered by many to be little better than the term ‘Nazi’, there was at least one point about which the general public broadly sympathised with an otherwise despised party; Europe. How ironic that just when the public wants to hear what tories have to say again, that the party has no clear message on the subject. What exactly is Cameron’s point, apart perhaps from pointing out in some sort of shorthand that people across the plant are not helped out of poverty by EU protectionusm. Surely that’s four P’s?
Here’s a word that should be touted more by Tories; Norway.
Norway and the benefits of it’s trade relationship with Europe.

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