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Jade Isn’t A Racist, But She Is Foul 7 February 2007

Posted by David in Uncategorized.

The Jade Goody Racism story is still going on with Shilpa Shetti, the winner of Celebrity Big Brother, now meeting Tony Blair and thanking him for his support. After CoB’slong absence, I thought I should join everyone else in commenting on this mega-story.

My thoughts are simple. I do not care if Jade Goody is a racist or not. She is a horrible, loud mouth, arrogant, foul and ignorant bully. It doesn’t matter why she acts this way, what matters is how she acts. The motivation – be it racism, jealousy or whatever – is neither here nor there. Bad behavour is bad behaviour, full stop, the end.

This leads me to a legal point, whereby race crimes are treated with extra severity compared to other crimes. This I think is wrong. Crime is crime, violence is violence, murder is murder. The law is meant to apply equally to everyone. What does it matter why someone was picked upon to be a victim of crime, whether it be race, hair colour, age, religion, newspaper readership, or anything? What matters is the crime.

Take two identical crimes by white thugs; an assault upon an elderly lady, and an assault upon an elderly Asian lady. The second would be punished far more seriously, why? Both are terrible crimes, and both should be punished equally severely. It doesn’t matter why the thugs discriminated to select their victim – be it racism, random selection or something else – the crime is the same.

We have got to move away from the racism obsession, and treat all bad behaviour equally. Racism is a horrible thing, but if people are racist, that is their belief. Politicians jumping on the bandwagon just looks pathetic, they cannot legislate people to have good thoughts and be nice. Being a victim of racism must be awful, just as any bullying/nastiness is awful, but we all have to be thick skinned and learn to give back as good as you get. If someone says something horrible, ignore them or say something back. Only when a crime is commited should the state get involved, and the state should not discriminate between crimes.

As for Jade, we should shun her not because she is racist, but because she is a horrible person. The possible racism is just a part of that.



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