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What Happened To Property Rights? 8 February 2007

Posted by David in Uncategorized.

In Zimbabwe, the evil government of Robert Mugabwe has been stealing farms, demolishing homes, and just being a really, really, really nasty piece of work. He would fit quite happily into Labour. They too have been stealing property (from the dead), demolishing homes, and becoming increasingly authoritarian.

Apart from demolishing 400,000 perfectly respectable homes needing just renoStanstedvation, the government is ordering building on green field sites in other areas. It’s also abusing compulsory purchase orders to build an Olympic Park (to be used for 3 weeks and then lay empty like the ones in Sydney, Athens and elsewhere); to buy the homes for demolition; and to expand Stansted Airport (which nicely contradicts government plans to reduce the growth in aviation).

I’m left wondering, what happened to property rights? It’s wrong that the state can ‘compulsory purchase’ our property. What if you don’t want to sell? You get compensation, but what if the compensation doesn’t match the value you put on your property?

The awful plans to expand Stansted Airport, in particular, must be stopped. It will destroy several beautiful villages and acres of our countryside, and blight hundreds of people. Why should the government have the right to ruin people’s entire lives, just so a few people can fly?

It’s time property rights were strengthened. I urge all my readers to join the campaign, it’s online and free.



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