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UKIP Must Change 10 February 2007

Posted by David in UKIP.

I always thought that the UK Independence Party needed to start contesting local council elections and by-elections to build up a presence and be more effective at general elections. This however must be wrong. At the by-elections this week they polled disasterously; a mere 40 votes in Croydon and just 8 in Nuneaton.

Croydon LBC, Bensham Manor: Labour 1683, Conservative 617, Green 240, Lib Dem 126, UKIP 40 , OMRLP 15, People’s Choice, 9. Labour Hold. This showed a strong swing to Labour in a safe seat.
Nuneaton BC Bede: Labour 658, BNP 546, Conservative 301, LibDem 119, English Democrat 75, Save NHS 43, UKIP 8. Labour hold. The Conservatives came a close second here in 2004 and 2006, and really should have expected to take this seat, given recent local by-election results. Instead, Labour held it, and the BNP came from nowhere to win a close second place. The Labour vote here held up much better than the Cosnervative vote, which suggests the BNP did better among former Conservative voters than Labour voters.
Barnet LBC, East Barnet: Con 1666, Lab 1025, LD 552, Green 147. Conservative hold. This was a good result for the Conservatives, in a marginal ward.
Cornwall CC Penryn: LibDem 456, Independent 360, Conservative 207, Labour 94, Independent 63. LibDem hold. 

I have to agree with Sean Fear that UKIP would do better only contesting European Parliamentary Elections, which have the EU as the major issue and are conducted under proportional representation where people are far more willing to lend their vote to a minor party. At council and general elections, we all know UKIP won’t win, so it’s a wasted vote. For some strange reason they even publicise the seats they helped Labour and Lib Dems to win!

My advice, focus on the Euro-Elections.



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