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Cannabis Cameron 12 February 2007

Posted by David in Conservatives.

David Cameron smoked cannabis as a 15 year old, and nearly got expelled. Now, I’m very much anti-drugs, but so what? He was 15! Indeed, it makes him more human, in particularly the ‘nearly got expelled’ part. It will be good for his ratings. This is probably why it hit the press for the Sunday papers, I feel it was a CCO briefing to the biography authors. The non-denial, non-confirmation, non-comment technique works well too. So much better than the Clinton “didn’t inhale” line. My only concern is that it all makes drugs seem more acceptable, so more will use them. Hopefully that won’t be the case, it certainly seems that there’s been a good focus on (a) feeling bad about it, (b) the very real dangers, and (c) the far greater strength of cannabis today.



1. Joe - 13 February 2007

Indeed, it was a complete non-story. The statement that someone- no matter who they are- smoked cannabis is hardly shocking. It isn’t even shocking to Conservative voters- certainly not of my generation.
I think a large section of the population know that there is a wealth of difference between cannabis and heroin and I would guess about half of the population have tried a joint or two at some point in their lives. I myself am always sceptical of people who say they never tried it, especially if they’re under forty.
It hasn’t harmed Cameron, but it has helped emphasise how commonplace cannabis is seen, compared to really nasty drugs.

2. emily - 25 February 2007

hello im emily

3. Cannabis - 10 April 2007

what makes him human when in fact he didnt even act as one.

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