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Newsflash: Gordon Brown Is Evil 14 February 2007

Posted by David in Labour.

If you needed more proof that Gordon Brown is evil, Ellee Seymour has it on her blog. It turns out Mr Brown – that apparently jolly figure known for visiting and for pretending to be helping African children in order to look good on TV – refuses to waive his latest tax for the Chernobyl Children Life Line charity, which brings children who’s lives are ruined and health plagued by the disaster on short holidays to the UK. I very much support this excellent charity.

The airport tax, £40 per child, is the latest of the Chancellor’s money grabbing schemes. It was introduced behind the screen of environmentalism, whilst the hypocritical Chancellor stealthily aided and abetted the growth in aviation by encouraging the expansion of Stansted (which will use compulsory forced purchase laws).



1. Steven Bainbridge - 15 February 2007

And why doesn’t Gordon Brown wish to waive tax for this worthwhile charity? Because there are no celebrities with massive personalities backing this charity, and because Chernobyl isn’t in Africa. I am a supporter of the Chernobyl Children’s Project, and believe it to be a very worthwhile cause.

Shame on Gordon Brown. I bet he would jump if Bob Geldof or Bono backed it.

2. Jennifer - 27 December 2008

I dare Brown to beat me up unless he is afraid too he sucks

3. Hazel Rat-Face - 21 May 2009

Gordon Brown is evil indeed. Over a million of the poorest working people are still worse off by hundreds of pounds after the loony Brown abolished the 10% tax rate and dementedly told everybody they were better off.

Gordon Brown specialises in thieving off the poorest and harming the defenceless. He is a vile loathsome man with no soul. He has always been a liar, thief, hypocrite and sadistic loony.

Pray for him and all his family to burn in Hell.

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