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University Applications Up, NUS Silent (Almost) 14 February 2007

Posted by David in Policy, Public Services.

University applications are up despite the introduction of fees. Last years small drop in numbers – which the NUS ranted and raved about as a result of increased tuition fees – has proven to simply be a blip. Indeed it was probably NUS and other anti-fee scare mongering that put so many off.

But naturally, the loony left NUS can’t remain totally silent. Having no case what so ever, now they are complaining there aren’t enough figures and obsessing about the demographics of applicants. Being a socialist must be really awful, it must be like living in a constant state of depression, woe and obsessive heart on sleeve empathy. Are they ever happy?

There’s also fears from the BBC that students “are choosing courses more with their heads than their hearts” as “with the introduction of variable fees prospective students no longer see education as an end in itself but as an investment in the future.” Good. We shouldn’t encourage young people to waste 3 years on a pointless and value less degree, we certainly shouldn’t fund it.

And students finally selecting with heads rather than hearts is good news for civil engineering, economics, physics, chemistry, maths, history, English and biology – traditional subjects up between 6% and 13%. It seems when students realise they have to pay, they select something worth paying for. Quelle shock?

It’s all the more proof that we must privatise universities in the ‘All American’ style so hated by the NUS. The NUS demand greater public spending on universities, but provide no reason why we all should pay for their minority privilidge to 3+ years off work followed by higher salaries, because there isn’t one.

They say they pay more tax on their higher graduate salaries, but not more than a person earning the same wage who didn’t attend university. A graduate on £40k pays the same tax as a shon £40k, yet the graduate cost the taxpayer a fortune whilst the shopkeeper was working. And that assumes the student graduates and gets a graduate job, instead of moving abroad, staying at home, getting run over by a bus etc….

As a current student I should pay for what I get now (in the form of a loan). I should not pay for it in taxes, nor should anyone else. It’s my education, and should be my expense. I fill with disgust when students rant and rave that the taxpayer should be paying for them – why should the binman, window cleaner and taxi driver pay for someone’s media studies or archeology degree?



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