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Off The Tele? Or Just Switch. 15 February 2007

Posted by David in Comment.

I have a rather split view on television censorship and complaints, which has been reawakened by the complaints about last nights Brits Awards. I didn’t watch the programme – I cannot stand awards shows – but have heard all about it thanks to our celebrity obsessed media.

My initial reaction to the complains is simple: if you don’t like it, vote with your remotes by turning over. But then I think that it was before 9pm, and bound to attract large numbers of children keen to see their favourite stars. In this case, bad language is not acceptable, nor is crude humour (which I do not like anyway, particularly against the dead, Armed Forces and the Queen).

I was angry in particular recently with Little Britain. Series by series it had become ever more crude; even after being rated favourite comedy in a poll of primary school children. Although not aimed at children, when you know they are watching, you have to take that into account. They certainly took it into account with merchandise…

But then where does censorship end? It’s wide open to the political correctness loonies, and is far too much power for the State.

I’m drawn to the conclusion that we have to let it go, but that bad language and adult humour shouldn’t be broadcast outside of restricted channels or very late hours. Broadcasters should be more responsible, and viewers more demanding. We – the viewers – must take the lead. They need us more than we need them. So, pick up the remote, and switch.



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