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“A Shame They Missed The…” 19 February 2007

Posted by David in BBC.

“A shame they missed the…”

I shall not repeat the final word of this quote about Margaret Thatcher, attributed to a BBC News producer during coverage of the IRA Brighton Bomb in the new book Can We Trust The BBC, as this blog has far too much respect for our Iron Lady and higher standards on language, too.

It does however show the absolutely disgusting attitude of BBC leftists. To wish that murdering terrorists had killed a democratically elected Prime Minister is unbelievable. We cannot believe a word they say. They are so politically motivated it’s hard to comprehend.

So too is the seemingly acceptable hatred of Mrs Thatcher. Just last week comedian Mark Steele joked how he leapt from his seat and cheered when he saw the news and thought Mrs T had died (in fact it was reporting her stroke). Could we imagine a similar ‘joke’ being made about Jim Callaghan or Harold Wilson?

There was a good article just the other day, revealing how Carol Thatcher is “always trying to convince Mum just how much affection the public still has for her, but she isn’t convinced.” But then when Carol was asked to open a local street fair and Margaret went to watch: “When we arrived, she was greeted with tremendous warmth, a round of applause, people gathering round taking pictures with their mobiles and parents telling their small children who she was. It was lovely, and Mum was so excited. She was genuinely chuffed, because when you are out of politics you are very out. I said to her: “Mum, you are an icon.”

The BBC is out of touch. Lest they forget she won three general elections despite tough opposition and an eventful policy programme.



1. Steven Bainbridge - 19 February 2007

It is absolutely disgusting this story. I could not believe it when I first read it. As I have argued elsewhere, the BBC should be privatised because of its disgusting bias.

Steven Bainbridge
A View from the Right

2. Joe - 21 February 2007

In spite of all this, she will almost certainly go down as one of the country’s great PMs, whatever you think of her policies.
She has certainly earned her place in history and I think- on the whole- that judgement will be favourable.
History will record how ahead of her time she was in her understanding of the EU and how she brought the economy back from the brink.
It will record how, by her attitude in the Falklands crisis, she give the country back a dignity lost in Suez.
It will record her role in world affairs and her dogged determination which overcame obstacles which would have beaten a lesser PM.
It will also record the genuine pain and destruction of communities that came with the Miner’s strike and it’s aftermath.
It will also record that some of the more unpleasant features of modern Britain- kids run riot, inner city ghettoes etc- first became manifest during her tenure.
But she will be remembered, on the whole in a positive light.
Whereas all history will record about Tony is the Prime Minister who initiated the break up of the UK and took us into Iraq.

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