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The War On Drugs Hasn’t Been Won, It Never Started 19 February 2007

Posted by David in Comment.

Iain Dalehas quite a busy thread dealing with the Independent’s frontpage story that heroin should be prescribed to long-term addicts to prevent them from committing crimes to feed their habits, the head of Britain’s police chiefs has suggested. The main theme everywhere these days is thus: “the war on drugs hasn’t been won, so we should focus on damage minimisation by prescribing drugs to addicts.” What utter rot.


The “war on drugs” hasn’t been won, because not a single shot has been fired. It’s an entirely phoney war on drugs. If the government was serious about having a war on drugsthere would be compulsory residential rehab for all users (with prison as the optional alternative), tough mandatory sentences for all dealers, and condemnation if not financial punishment of those promoting drugs culture (i.e. celebs such as Pete Doherty).


Instead, celebs happily condone drugs use, while minor dealers are let off in return for information on other criminals (often non-drug related). If minor dealers were always being arrested, the “big fish” further up the drugs hierarchy would be forced to move downwards and in turn get caught. In short, we would be destabilising the foundations upon which it is all built instead of taking hopeless pot shots at the leadership.



1. Joe - 21 February 2007

I’ll put my head above the parapet here- isn’t the whole idea of a ‘war’ on drugs very unconservative?
Isn’t this prohibitionist attitude counter productive and in some ways, totalitarian?
If people commit crimes to fund drug habits, deal with them as criminals.
Otherwise, grown adults should have they freedom to make their own lifestyle choices.
It’s quite bizarre that people are locked up for selling cannabis yet can sell a more harmful substance- spirits- on any street corner.
Just a thought.

2. The Bicycling Chameleon - 26 February 2007

I wouldn’t say spirits are more harmful than cannabis. Alcohol related health problems generally require large amounts of abuse over a sustained period of time in most cases, whereas cannabis has been proven both scientifically and emperically to cause mental health problems with even casual use. The term “dopey” says it all, and that’s forgetting the recent proof of schitzophrenia. It’s also far more addictive.

The problem is that when on drus, grown up adults do not have freedom to make lifestyle choices, as the drugs make the choices for them. As mind bending substances, they completely take over. The same may be true to an extent for alcholol, however the half life of the two substances are miles apart. You can get sober relatively fast and return to the state of being able to make choices, but getting off cannabis and other drugs is far harder – they remain in the body for longer.

I’m generally libertarian, but not with drugs. They alter peoples minds, seriously remove their long term self control and, with peer pressure, it’s too easy for people to get sucked in.

3. Ulf Raharjo - 19 September 2007

oh lord my baby your driving me craz. Ulf Raharjo.

4. Mica Kingsley - 21 October 2007

and they also said, that we couldn’t last togethe. Mica Kingsley.

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