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Brighton Goes Bonkers With School Lottery 1 March 2007

Posted by David in Policy, Public Services.

Labour run Brighton council might advertise its City to tourists with the slogan “Have a BrightOne”, but it’s latest idea better fits the slogan “Have a DuffOne” – allocate school places by lottery.

Lottery, they say, is fairer than any other method. It is also totally illogical and fundamentally evil.

There have generally been two options. Either everyone goes to their nearest school (good or bad, like it or lump it, at least its easy) – or the far superior freedom of choice (where standards are driven up by competition and schools are diverse in their specialism and ethos to suit different children’s needs).

The School Lottery has the benefits of neither. Children will be forced to travel past nearer schools, not because of parental choice or school selection based on that schools speciality, but because a computer lottery says so. As they say, “computer says no.”

Labour again decides to take life changing decisions for people and to trap children – likely for their entire lives – in the aim of mythical “fairness”. There is no such thing.

Academically gifted children will be forced into poor schools, whilst less academic children will be forced into more academic schools where they’ll feel inferior and get bored, maybe causing trouble. That’s if good schools can survive this system, chances are they won’t.

The only answer is to take the powers away from the evidently stupid councils, and let schools and parents decide things amongst themselves. People manage to organise their own shopping and  holiday choices, why not schools? Good schools will grow, bad ones get replaced. It’s children that matter, not the schools or council.

Next week, Tower Hamlets decides planning decisions based on Wheel of Fortune and Swansea rations hip replacements using Deal or No Deal.



1. Martyn - 6 March 2007


My name is Martyn Holmes, I am working for a company called Friction.TV. I wondered if anyone in your organisation would be available sometime this week for a short, ( up to 5 minute), interview on the subject of the schools lottery policy to be put in place in Brighton and Hove. It would be a very low key affair with just myself and and a hand held DV camera and would take a maximum of 15 minutes of someone’s time. I am available anytime day or eve over next 5 days. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further information. Also any contact information for other interested parties would be greatly appreciated,

Thank You.

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