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Beware The Berlin Declaration 3 March 2007

Posted by David in Comment, EU, Europe, European Union.

Next week EU leaders will sign the Berlin Declaration, marking 50 years of the Common Market and the stealth like creation of a political state of “Europe”. Huge sums will be spent attempting to whip up public celebration, and peddle the regular myths (i.e. EU creates peace, prosperity etc). They’ll also be trying to tie socialism into the declaration. Nine countries, including France and Spain, insist that the document should proclaim the “indispensable balance between economic freedoms and social rights, so that the internal market can become an area also regulated by a social plan”.

It’s time we left, others will follow, and a new Europe of free trade, national independence and enlarged NATO will be the result.

Update: This article was the basis of a question during Prime Minister’s Questions on 7th March 2007. See here.



1. Steven Bainbridge - 7 March 2007

Congratulations!! You just got a mention on PMQs!

2. Steven Bainbridge - 7 March 2007

Congratulations! You just got a mention on PMQs!!

3. Andrew Ian Dodge - 7 March 2007

Yeah well done. You are first blog I can remember that has been mentioned on PMQs. What a coup!

4. Lobster Blogster - 7 March 2007

Regular myths (i.e. EU creates peace, prosperity etc)?

Same as the regular myth that nuclear weapons bring peace, surely?

5. The Liberty Cadre : Mentioned on PMQ - 7 March 2007

[…] blog with a long name just got mentioned in the House of Commons during PMQs. It was mentioned because […]

6. Lincoln - 7 March 2007


I’m not sure what the connection to nuclear weapons is (apart from the myth thing) but I don’t believe for a second nuclear weapons bring peace, they only make a world war less likely because no one could win.

The EU creates peace, prosperity etc, now thats definately is a myth.

7. The Bicycling Chameleon - 7 March 2007

I am amazed we have been mentioned at PMQ’s, what a coup indeed! Thanks for letting me know, I didn’t see it this week but now am saving it to disk! If I get it to work I’ll put it on YouTube and the blog.

8. Mackenzie - 7 March 2007

Congratulations on your PMQs mention.
Anything that gets up the nose of a rabid europhile Labour MP is good in my opinion.

9. Chameleons On Bicycles Mentioned At Prime Minister’s Questions « Chameleons on Bicycles - 7 March 2007

[…] the European Union’s treaty of Rome, will the Prime Minister find time to read an article called Beware the Berlin Declaration, which calls for this country to leave the European Union? It can be found on the blog Chameleons […]

10. Yorkshire Pudding - 12 March 2007

>It’s time we left, others will follow

You think we should leave. And then, should Wales and Scotland leave the UK?

And should Yorkshire secede from England?

How far do you want this to go?

11. The Bicycling Chameleon - 12 March 2007

Just the UK leaving the EU. We have been a very successful United Kingdom for 300 years, and as we’re largely one island [with a few exceptions], that’s ideal for a single state. Size wise too the UK is good; not too big, not too small. There’s also a mostly shared language, and shared history.

12. Jeffry Pages - 27 June 2007

It is inevitable that Great Britain will either be discharged from the EU forcibly, or will part company with our French and German “allies” by choice of our Sovereign and our people. Great Britain did not become a great nation by throwing in with that lot. Thankfully, we have avoided what would result in a national disaster, by integrating with the common currency, the Euro. Great Britain must remain a United Kingdom and never surrender to the coming continental deluge of destruction of national pride and being. Great Britain is great because of our integrated diversity of Scots, Welsh, English and other GREAT peoples united with a common language. We must get over this self-loathing that has descended upon us realize the many good and great accomplishments our nation has achieved. God Bless Great Briatin and God save the Queen.

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