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Brown Should Hire the Iraqi Information Minister 3 March 2007

Posted by David in Labour.

Remember the old Iraqi Information Minister? So many announcements, so little truth. He’d be the ideal mouth piece for Gordon Brown. In an excellent article, Matthew Parris satirises the constant deluge of announcements, ideas and initiatives that have flooded from New Labour – and how they all simply disappeared into the mists of space-time continuum.

“I would like to talk about Britishness and the future of Britain. I think people who come to Britain must learn the English language.” (September 2006). In October 2006 the Government cut funding for English classes, “effectively ending” as, one Labour backbencher complained, “free tuition for low-paid migrant workers”. In his 2006 Budget he promised to create “one million youth volunteers”. So far there are 42,000. The Youth Volunteering Commission he created (run by Rod Aldridge, who had donated £1 million to the Labour Party eight weeks before his appointment), is costing £1.4 million a year on “management and administration”. “Interested people will establish a new Institute and Forum for Britishness Studies examining the forces at work in shaping the future of Britain,” said Mr Brown in the Expressin 2004. Nothing happened. “What is the British equivalent of July 4, or even the French July 14, for that matter? . . . What is our equivalent of the national symbolism of a flag in every garden?” he asked the Fabian Society on January 14, 2006. Search me. No proposals followed. Then he announced a new annual Veterans’ Day on June 27 of every year. Did you notice it? Few did. Almost nothing happened. What happened to the new, independent NHS Board? To the Economic Plan for the Middle East? To the Written Constitution? To bringing the World Cup to Britain? . . . Oh, lay off. This would be cruel sport were this man not proposing to be Prime Minister in a few months. His ideas have an April Fool quality.  

It’s well worth a read.



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