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“Freedom of Choice a Nonsense,” Says Labour Commie 4 March 2007

Posted by David in Education, Labour, Policy, Public Services.

“It is nonsense that everybody has the right to go to a school that they want,” said David Hawker, Brighton’s director of children, families and schools,” complete nonsense.”

Of course Mr Hawker, I mean, they only pay for them through their taxes… Surely you – their servant – should dictate where they go.

Labour has got to go. Article link.



1. David Bram in Coventry - 7 March 2007

David Hawker’s comment merely confirm the fact that this country has developed control freakery almost to communist lengths under Bliar, (oops, sorry, Blair!) Fewer civil liberties, less freedom and more state control of our lives, that’s what the pseudo intellectuals of the Islington crew have given us!
Common sense is not in their vocabulary, nor is integrity.

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