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Cameron: What Goes Up, Must Come Down 7 March 2007

Posted by David in Conservatives, EU, Europe, European Union.

I have to agree with Dan Hannan, the speech by David Cameron on Europe was great. I think it can be summed up simply as what goes up, must come down. Just think of what he said.

“Just as member states have in the past agreed to transfer competences to the EU, so it should be possible to move in the opposite direction. How can we enshrine the principle that powers can be returned to member states — not as a vague aspiration, but as a central element of the legal architecture of the Union? What are the tasks that we can return to national or local governments?” 

Now compare that to “ever closer union”. Quite different isn’t it. Indeed it cuts right to the root of European law’s legal supremacy, since it implies that members can reclaim powers as and when they like.

And this isn’t the old “two speed Europe” either, that suggested Europe as two groups going in the same direction. This is different. This is two direction Europe. Centralisation and federalism, or Cameron inter-governmentalism and freedom of independence.

Shame the BBC had to bang on about the EPP on the news though. They sadly do not realise the European Parliament is very weak anyway, and the new group can still work with other groups when they agree.



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