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Chameleons On Bicycles Mentioned At Prime Minister’s Questions 7 March 2007

Posted by David in Chameleons on Bicycles Blog, EU, Europe, European Union, Uncategorized.

Mike Gapes MPQ2.    [125430] Mike Gapes (Ilford, South) (Lab/Co-op): “As we prepare to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the European Union’s treaty of Rome, will the Prime Minister find time to read an article called Beware the Berlin Declaration, which calls for this country to leave the European Union? It can be found on the blog Chameleons on Bicycles.”

The Prime Minister: “First, it will be a very good thing for the whole of Europe to celebrate 50 years of the European Union, which has brought peace and prosperity to a continent that used to be ravaged by war. I think that we should celebrate our own position in the European Union. I look forward to going to the European Council tomorrow in order to bring forward proposals for climate change, where I am pleased to say that at least this Government will have some allies in ensuring that the battle against climate change is taken to a proper fruition.”

Thanks for everyone who contacted or posted to let me know, I totally missed it. As far as we know, we are the first blog to be mentioned at PMQ’s. I bet Guido and Iain Dale are upset, I hope not. But what a coup! Hello to all the new readers – huge number of visits today – including the rapidly growing number of Parliamentarians.


1. Pete - 7 March 2007

Yes i did notice! lol Well done, more than i have managed to achieve with mine. Shows the power of blogs

2. mr pink - 8 March 2007

I believe sewage and hot air have also been discussed at PMQs. Still proud?

3. Crushed by Ingsoc - 9 March 2007

You deserve it. I’ve always rated this site and tried to push it on other blogs. As you will notice, I am now commentng here under my blog title, which I will continue to do so- though you will notice that the comment I posted on your Scottish elections piece under my own name matches the one on my own site.

I think you will become one of the biggest now, as you should.

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