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Ming’s Bad Week 7 March 2007

Posted by David in Labour, Liberal Democrats.

You really have to feel sorry for Ming Campbell, don’t you? Well no not really, but perhaps we should. The dear old leader clearly has bad advisers, or none. Setting out the coalition terms for Gordon Brown was a huge mistake, given that nobody likes Gordon Brown, especially in those leafy Lib Dem seats of Winchester, Lewes, Richmond, Colchester… You could almost hear the Lib Dem candidates screaming, Victor Meldew like, “I don’t believe it!” Maybe that will be their next slogan.

Another bad move Ming escaped flak from was his gripe on BBC News that he is satirised for his age. “This wouldn’t happen if I was a woman or black,” he said, seated on a park bench somewhere. It wouldn’t, no, but that’s life. Satire is merciless, most politicians find it funny, even buying their Spitting Image puppets and originals of newspaper cartoons. Don’t be so sensitive Ming, you have to be able to laugh at yourself or you end up, well, a Lib Dem…



1. Crushed by Ingsoc - 9 March 2007

Ming will not lead the LDs in to the next election.Not when he has ruled out coalition with the most plausible option. His cfront bench won’t allow him to prop up a Labour party that has lost his majority.

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