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What Are Ties Actually For? 8 March 2007

Posted by David in Conservatives.

The Telegraph Spy is fed up with open neck shirt DC;

One of David Cameron’s most infuriating habits is his “school’s out” insistence on going tie-less whenever he can. He was at it again on Monday night, when he joined the members of the Tory whips’ office for dinner at the Brasserie St Quentin in Knightsbridge. “As soon as Dave turned up, the first thing he did was to remove his tie,” I’m told. “Ever eager to follow his leader, Michael Fabricant was first to follow suit, and most of the rest of us then did the same. Only a few colleagues opted to keep their neckwear on.”

But ties are so annoying. What are they for? The only purposes I can think of are (a) ineffective soup bib, (b) impromtue gag, (c) useful item to tie around arm/leg to stem blood flow if bleeding, (d) something to buy/sell at airports for non-smokers and non-drinkers who aren’t interested in the duty free. I mean, fine if you’re meeting the Queen or President, but for daily wear?



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