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My Thoughts On 1997 11 March 2007

Posted by David in BBC, Comment.

BBC4 has been running “1997 Week”. Last night it was a film with Robert Carlyle and 1997 in Chat, tonight its 1997 in TV. It’s good stuff to be honest – particularly 1997 in Chat, a kind of compilation of funny and memorable news events, guest talks etc – amazing what you forget. What has changed, what hasn’t changed.

My thoughts and reaction on 1997 in Chat; Blair said “I’m a pretty straight sort of guy”, laughter throughout house; wasn’t 1997 awful; poor John Major, he was such a decent chap; isn’t Blair slimy, even more slimy then, so utterly fake; oh no, not the Teletubbies; poor Diana; poor Hong Kong; poor Royal Yacht; the Spice Girls were awful but good fun; Paddy Ashdown answered “that’s a matter for me” to question of whether he ever took drugs, how Cameron 2007; poor John Major, he was such a decent chap.

My final thought: John Major took defeat with honour and courage. “So we lost,” he bravely said, seemingly happy. I wonder what this Labour lot will take defeat like?



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