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Get Off My Mobile Phone You Market Rigging Nutters 15 March 2007

Posted by David in Comment, EU, Europe, European Union, Policy, World.

Using your mobile phones abroad is going to be cheaper. But before you celebrate, guess what? Using your mobile phones at home is likely to be dearer. The EU has decided that it has the right to decide how much we pay to use our phones overseas and so told operators “cut your fees or we’ll force you to with regulation”. I call that blackmail myself.

Operators make a lot of money from overseas calling, and naturally will have to recoup this elsewhere – dearer domestic calls, less freebies such as new phones every year or worse service (if such a thing is at all possible) – or see fewer profits, lower dividends and reduced share prices. As a business this equals trouble.

But it is of course none of the EU’s business. We are all capable of deciding our own contract for a phone, if we have one, and using it ourselves. Those not reading the full contract in the past have had nasty surprises with bills when using mobiles overseas, but it’s not for government to regulate prices. We should be free to choose any phone contract we like, not told what we can and cannot have by the EU. If I want a contract that charges more when overseas but less when at home, and the phone company wants to offer it, why can’t I have it?



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