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Guess What, More BBC Bias on the EU 20 March 2007

Posted by David in BBC, EU, Europe, European Union.

The BBC is seemingly so unashamed of being biased it flaunts it whenever it can. Just look at this, Ten Things The EU Has Done. The entire BBC coverage of the EU’s 50th anniversary party is so one sided all but the insane couldn’t see it (in fact 2007 is the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome which founded the European Coal and Steel Community, not the EU as we have now, but the way they’re talking you’d easily miss this point).

‘Ten Things The EU Has Done’ could include costing the UK taxpayer £12bln per year (of which just a fraction returns to the UK), blocking Africa out of trade and so locking Africa in poverty, rigging prices to rip off shoppers (£12 per week according to the Consumer Association), spending £250m a year on an information propaganda budget, putting one sided ‘educational’ information in schools, destroying the maritime environment and fishing industry, grubbing hedgerows and destroying much of the farming industry, being involved in around 80% of all laws according to the German government, banning support for post offices, had people arrested for selling bananas in pounds on a market stall, lying endlessly really, attempting to standardise 27 diverse nations into a single political union…

The BBC must have missed these, and the rest.



1. hydralisk - 20 March 2007

As a Yank watching on disinterestedly, I’m not sure what to think about the EU. I suppose Europe as a whole must love it or else they wouldn’t have allowed it the influence that it has, yes? And those Ten Things do look nice…but what’s this about an information propaganda budget? One sided ‘educational’ information in schools? What is all that?

As for the BBC, their bias has been obvious for a long time. I use to listen to BBC radio and now I just have to turn it off. It’s a pity since they do good work otherwise.

2. Jessica - 21 March 2007

Just browsing your blog and enjoying it -particlarly the caption ‘Chameleons on Bicycles’ – brilliant! Great post and I agree with you. For my own information however, it would be helpful for us if you would link evidence/sources and clarify what you mean by ‘spending £250m a year on an information propaganda budget, putting one sided ‘educational’ information in schools’. I do appreciate succinct and particularly blunt writing but in this case I’m afraid a bit of elaboration would not go amiss.

3. The Bicycling Chameleon - 21 March 2007

Hello and welcome both hydralisk and Jessica, glad you enjoy the blog. Firstly, hydralisk, as an American you should be very sceptical of the EU. Many Europhiles see the EU as a ‘counterbalance’ with the USA, as a rival and social democratic alternative. This is indeed worrying, as EU leaders have a very weird Worldview. Europe doesn’t like the EU, and it has never been put fully to the vote. The French and Dutch both voted ‘no’ to the Constitution, Norway has rejected membership often, and those that do support the EU are usually idealistic loonies or have been sold lies [like the ‘ten things’].

Jessica and hydralisk, I hope you both find this link interesting – http://www.brugesgroup.com/eurorebuttal/propaganda.live?article=172 – which basically answers all your questions. The £250m figure was quoted by a newspaper, but this link has other equally huge figures which probably add up to even more.

4. hydralisk - 22 March 2007

Thanks for that link. Very interesting.

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