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Is Immigration Damaging Britain? 23 March 2007

Posted by David in Love To Lead.

“Is immigration destroying Britain’s national identity?” is the question this week on Love to Lead, and I am pleased to offer an answer, which in the great tradition of Yes Minister’s Sir Humphrey Appleby is both yes and no.

The key point is which immigration, and which immigrant? Too often all people coming to Britain are very unhelpfully lumped together in the same, single, over politicised and ill defined category. This confuses the debate, and adds unnecessary emotion to the topic.

Britain has a long history of immigration, however each new group of arrivals has integrated and become a fully successful part of British culture – so much so that within single generations the ‘immigrant’ and his/her family is not just accepted as living in the nation, but part of the nation. Celebrity examples could be Michael Howard, Dame Kelly Holmes, Levi Roots and Sir Trevor McDonald, but there are millions and indeed few if any are without DNA from those with overseas origins. We don’t even think about their ancestors – each of them is “one of us”.

Democracy requires us to accept each others as the same, equal citizens – as “a demos”, which translates as “a people” – or we cannot accept the result as legitimate (imagine the friction if the USA and Canada had one parliament, or Australia and New Zealand).

But not all immigration is like this. The advent of multi-culturalism has changed the set up so that multiple cultures can live within one state. Indeed they can; no one found Levi Root’s Reggae Reggae Sauce, a celebration of Jamaican heritage, a problem – because he was still British as well. He is British with Jamaican ancestors.

The problem arises when immigrants or descendants of immigrants take the ‘either/or’ routeand choose the non-British option. They believe they are either XXXXX or British, rather than British with XXXXX ancestors/roots, and when those cultural roots dominate their personality – things like language, physically noticeable religion etc. This causes friction. When people make demands to accommodate their culture, it’s even worse.

The old adage of “when in Rome, do as the Romans” holds true. If you go abroad, especially if permanently, common decency and respect requires us to respect and mostly integrate into the local way of life. It should be the way of life why you moved there. In America, it has been a melting pot, but imagine the carnage and friction if all had kept their old cultures fully. The same applies to Britain. Some immigration has integrated and benefited us, some sadly hasn’t. It’s not about race or ethnicity, but about whether people want to be part of Britain or just live here.


1. Reggae Reggae Blog - 26 March 2007

Levi Roots’ sauce was not taken seriously because he was British.

It was the music, the fact he was a nice guy, and the undisputable fact that his sauce is rather tasty. At no point did his status as a resident come into the equation.

It’s like saying you only like Indian food from restaurants where the managers are British citizens. Simply not true!

2. The Bicycling Chameleon - 28 March 2007

RRB, that’s not what I said, please read what I said. No where did I mention Levi’s sauce or his success on Dragon’s Den. My post was about wider cultural integration and acceptance within society.

What I said was no one [i.e. no one in the country] has a problem with Levi, because he is perceived as being British like anyone else. He has Jamaican roots, but is still British. As you say, his residency and identity has nothing to do with his business or people’s shopping decisions, but it does with other things, such as if he were to stand as a candidate for MP, or if there were numerous Levi’s.

If Levi were to be a candidate for Parliament, most wouldn’t have a problem. But if someone else stood who said he was XXXXX instead of British, we wouldn’t like it as a society. Do you see my point?

It has nothing to do with business, sauce, restaurants or Citizenship. It’s about whether people integrate to be part of the nation, as Levi has to great success, or whether they wish to remain outsiders.

3. nick wtts - 10 May 2009

mass immigration has damaged the social fabric of britain

you notice on the streets of england people are quite nervous and angry with the present situation

no wonder people are voting bnp

4. mercury in swine flu jabs kills - 27 November 2009

i know aspatame is damaging britain an so is putting monosodium glutimate in thosands of foods some that dont have to label it as
the msg they contain is in the soya without having to declare
this if it did not have soya in it would have to label that it had msg in
these are both lab made an highly toxic to the brain an body causing cancer an even death there are thousands of law suits
in progress agaist diet coke an pepsi as well as others
incitotoxins stimulate brain cells an kill them
msg is a flavour enhancer which in the words of a top U.S doctor
” MSG will make mud taste nice which would be fine if it didnt kill you”
ASPARTAME is in nearly all deit products an is said to be even more harmfull than sacarin its true fructus sweetner are safe all chemical
sweetners are highly damaging to the body
Pilots are not allowed to drink anything with aspartame in before flying as it affects there ability to fly.
when my friend joined the army one of the 1st things he spoke about was his sarg telling him to avoid chinise take aways as they use lots of msg which rots your belly an your brain
becuase it came from someone he respected an trusted
he was able to belive it enuff to research it him self an warn others
so thank god some of are army are getting onto these american pharmacuticals in our foods an drinks affecting our bodys an judgement in combat please understand that these same people made an leeked the man made flu an the vaccine
the flu jab contains mercury as a preservitive
an for some reason they decide to put 4 times more than other mercury based vacines so if you want your kids to get autism, or you like the idea of living in a wheel chair or maybe a coffin then take the flu jab. ask your self is getting a mild flu worring enuff for you to to take a flu jab which could kill you! this farce is destroying the nhs
ask any true medical expert or watch top doctors views on aspartamain, msg flouride, an look at our gps findings who slammed the official media releases an exsposed what co-U.S-swedish pharma companys products do to our bodys
god bless our chilldren x

5. Dan - 1 February 2011

You better believe that this brand of multiculturalism is absurd and a barrier to progress! Nothing wrong with a few harmless traditions but you must have loyalty to Britain and respect the Native way of life. Stop hating and jumping to conclusions about we White Brits please, we have as much to give as any group if our sick world of Facist Capitalism and slander will let us.

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