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Some People Don’t Deserve Freedom 28 March 2007

Posted by David in World.

It’s the 25th anniversary of the Falklands War, surely the most justified war since we declared war on Hitler in 1939. Sadly however, there are a large number of disgusting, insulting, hypocritical, rude, lying, sneering, condescending and arrogant hypocrites who enjoy using our freedoms but would sacrifice the freedoms of others for their own moral self-rightousness. Take a look at some of these responses to the question “what do you remember of the Falklands War?” and try not to get annoyed at some of them. Some people – particularly the “Malvinas” nerd in the suit and glasses – really don’t deserve freedom. As the US Marines say, freedom aint free. For men such as this to live freely, brave soldiers have fought and died. Such a condescending and stupid view is an insult to all of them. The young kid was good though.

The responses have also showed the true colours of some people. “Let’s just give em back as an anniversary present. I never saw the point of principle here, losing one life for the Falklns seems far too much, so the reality is just ludicrous,” says Malvinas, seemingly not interested in what the Falkland Islanders themselves want.

“As I understand it, under international law Argentina has a stronger claim to the Malvinas than Britain to what it likes to refer to as the Falklands,” says Jailhouselawyer, seemingly forgetting the right to self-determination in the UN Charter. Surely the Falkland Island resident’s have the biggest claim, and they wish to remain British. The Falklands have never even belonged to Argentina anyway.Argentina and the Falklands once both belonged to Spain, but that does not mean Argentina owns the Falklands (under that principle the Falklands would have an equal claim over Argentina!).

“What possible justification can there be for the Falklands to remain British, other than Imperial aggression? Give em back, or give Argentina the Isle of Man. Actually, they’ve suffered enough. The guy in the Abbey yesterday was right, this country has never come close to admitting to itself the damage it has done around the world. I don’t blame the solider, they go where they’re told. This was a shameful war for the Conservatives, just as Iraq has been a shameful war for Labour. But to the rest of the world, these are just the latest chapters in Britain’s roll-call of arrogance, violence and hypocrisy for which it should beg the forgiveness of the world,” says another mad person.

Left-wingers are so happy to over-rule local sentiment, it’s disgusting. The way they run down the sacrifice of heroic servicemen, and war and the islands (which they insultingly call “a few rocks”), is just despicable. Let us remember Argentina was the aggressor. An Argentina run by a fascist dictatorship! An Argentina which invaded British territory, occupied by British people, who wish to remain British. There’s no ifs and buts about it. The war was the right thing.

I always feel those against the war would think differently if it was their town occupied by a fascist junta.



1. jailhouselawyer - 28 March 2007


New York, June 18 2004

Mr. Chairman,

On January 3, 1833, British forces expelled the Argentine inhabitants and authorities established on the Malvinas Islands and began their illegal occupation, configuring a special colonial situation unlike any other. This is reflected by numerous resolutions of the General Assembly and of this Committee.

No ifs, no buts, it’s Argintina’s, the Malvinas, that is.

2. The Bicycling Chameleon - 29 March 2007

Stuff the Foreign Minister of the Argentine Republic. Jailhouselawyer, you are a crazy person who disgusts me. The Falklands had been claimed and occupied officially by Britain, which left clear markings, before 1833. And who cares? It’s ancient history. What matters now is the current residents, who wish to remain British, and so we must stand by them. I think you would feel differently if it was your home about being occupied by a fascist junta.

3. crushed by Ingsoc - 31 March 2007

Hm.mm. Argentine Propaganda. The Falklands were discovered long before that and claimed for the crown.
East Falkland was settled by British whalers in the 1760s. By the 1780s a trickle of Spanish settlers did setle West Falkland (West Malvina to them) but never reached East Falkland.
In 1833 the Admiralty took the Falklands over as a CROWN colony, but it was British i International law long before that. It was not questioned at the Congress of Vienna, for example.

4. The Bicycling Chameleon - 1 April 2007

It seems Leftists are in favour of anyone as long as they are against the British. For a country which went to war for freedom 1939-1945, nearly sacrificing itself and liquidating its empire doing so, spread the rule of law and democracy like no other, abolished slavery long before most and enforced the ban on the seas, and gave the World some of its greatest thinkers – we sure have a lot of self-loathing!

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