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Guido on Newsnight 29 March 2007

Posted by David in BBC.

Guido was on Newsnight, having been given a 5 minute slot and a post-feature discussion with Paxman and Michael White from the Guardian. Guido’s main argument was that political reporters such as the Newsnight gang and Nick Robinson are too close and chummy with their sources and the politicians in question, and so fail to report accurately or ask sufficiently probing questions for fear of burning their bridges with them.

This charge was effectively accepted, with Nick Robinson admitting all journalists need to keep in with their contacts, and Adam Boulton admitting Sky were put “in the freezer” after a bad interview with Cameron. But they then went on the offensive, Paxman and Nick Robinson branding Guido a “conspiracy theorist” who needs to “grow up”. Sadly there is often truth in Guido’s theories.

Robinson declared he does ask the deep questions when the story calls for it. But unless you ask the questions on the off chance of the rumour being true, there isn’t a story to ever get serious. 

But the manner in which Paxman, Robinson and White acted is truly disgusting. They became loud, angry and visibly rattled by any accusations they were too close to politicians. They were not happy at all.



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