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Carol Thatcher – Mummy’s War 30 March 2007

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Last night Carol Thatcher presented “Mummy’s War”, an hour long look at the Falklands War through her visit to the islands. What struck me was the great regard the islanders had for Britain, and the love they clearly feel for Britain despite being 8,000 miles away. I knew they were very pro-British, but the extent (like the scenery) was breathtaking.

The bravery of the British forces, and the honour they felt in liberating the islands, was also amazing.  The story of one woman who moved to the Falklands after her son died on the invasion was particularly moving. The story of a female island farmer who helped lead the troops across the terrain was also incredible. “I just hope they keep them British,” she said.

Carol Thatcher then went to Argentina! Branded a pirate and shouted at, she took none of it. She met war veterans, who looked quite alarming, but it was the Mothers of the General Belgrano’s sailors who were the fiercest. They all denied that the Falkland Islanders have any rights to their home at all, and refused to accept they even started the war. “God will punish her [Mrs Thatcher],” one ended the meeting on.

Currently Argentina is getting stroppy once more. It has pulled out of a joint Anglo-Argentine oil exploration deal, imposed harsh fines on ships buying fishing permits from the islands, blocked the Chile-Falklands air service, and is using the 25th anniversary to step up diplomatic efforts to take the islands. The right to self-determination must be upheld.



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