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Tebbit, Better Off Out, and a Dim View of John Maples MP 1 April 2007

Posted by David in Conservatives, EU, Europe, European Union.

Lord Tebbit has joined the Better Off Out campaign. I have a problem with the campaign, known as BOO. This is because I agree with it 100%, but find its campaigning tacky, cheap and low quality – sorry, but I do. Its websitehas improved, but it’s still awful, and the campaign fails to put across the high minded, liberal case against the EU (i.e. freedom and liberty for all nations). Instead it’s too inward looking, focusing on us, being better off, out. Instead I want everyone, free.

Anyway, my moans aside, I hope more candidates and MPs now join BOO. But such common sense, free thought and individuality will not be helped by schoolyard bullies such as the Euro-statist MP John Maples, Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party. When asked “What is the Candidates Department’s policy on candidates signing up to support the “Better Off Out” campaign?” he replied “this campaign is contrary to party policy and we will take a dim view of any candidate who signs up to it.  We expect candidates, before and after selection to support party policy (and I hope to continue to do so after they have been elected as well!)”

Mr Maples and his dream of robotic, carbon copy idiot candidates is certainly not in the party’s best interests. Who will be tomorrow’s leaders if all candidates believe only and exactly in the policies of the 2009/2010 manifesto? What happened to being a ‘broad church’? Why has the “dim view” not been taken with others who broke party line? Such as Ken Clarke.

It’s clearly John Maples who has dim views.



1. Gavin Ayling - 1 April 2007

Absolutely right.

2. crushed by Ingsoc - 2 April 2007

Yes, but robots can rebel.
Look at the Blair clones of 97. Look how rebellious many now are.
The signatories of these ever circling letters prove that.
People may say a lot to get on the goldlist they don’t mention in the speeches they later make in the house…

3. The Bicycling Chameleon - 2 April 2007

The NuLab 97 robots have at last learnt to rebel, but only really over leadership. It’s just a popularity contest, Blair or Brown, no real new opinion or direction. They are just empty voids. I hope the new Tory MPs will be different.

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