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Blair’s Falklands Support Is All Lies 2 April 2007

Posted by David in Labour.

Tony Blair now says the Falklands War was the “right thing to do” – it’s what he would have done. Except that second part is a lie. In the 1982 Beaconsfield by-election, Labour candidate Tony Blair said “I want a negotiated settlement and I believe that given the starkness of the military options we need to compromise on certain things.” Comprimise, with fascist dictators? How very 1930s.

He then added: “I don’t think that ultimately the wishes of the Falkland islanders must determine our position.” Isn’t that nice, hey? We don’t care what you want, we know best. How very Labour.

But look at his 1983 election leaflet, which we’ve sourced here, to see yet more opposition to liberating British territory from fascists.

Blair 1983

Opposing the Falklands was Labour policy, and no candidate ever agrees entirely with the manifesto, but if they don’t agree with a policy they don’t use that as a main plank of their campaign. Ken Clarke didn’t use Save the Pound, for example. Blair was an appeaser. Thank God he and his Labour traitors weren’t in power.



1. crushed by Ingsoc - 2 April 2007

He also supported EU withdrawal in his 82 manifesto as well. And I’m sure he hinted at nuclear disarmament.

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