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How Shaun Bailey Blew It – Or Did He? 2 April 2007

Posted by David in Conservatives.

Last night I was watching ITV’s The Moral of the Story, a late night discussion programme about ethics and current affairs. The three guests were Shaun Bailey, the Conservative candidate for Hammersmith, Dave Hill, a lefty journalist, and a female journalist who’s name I sadly forget, but I think wrote for the Guardian. I’m not normally into these programmes, I don’t even watch Question Time (which makes me odd among political junkies), but I somehow got watching this one due to it following a Falklands War documentary.

The first half was talking about City bonuses and executive pay. Dave Hill and the other journalist both trotted out the usual leftist rubbish about inequality, fairness etc. “It’s wrong that we accept one person is worth more as a human than another,” said one person. Seemingly forgetting they are worth more financially, not as a human being! Both lefties agreed that Peter Hain is right, that anyone successful must be taxed at crazy rates. Oddly they accept football players and Elton John earning millions however, weird. They didn’t say how much they were worth themselves…

Shaun Bailey did well combatting them with the argument “tax the rich and they’ll leave, and then where will we be?” – basically the economic view. This worked well, although I personally would have liked the “it’s none of our business what other people earn so stop being nosey” argument as well, but then time was short so he may have got to it had there been time.

So by the adverts, Shaun Bailey had me on side. Then it all went wrong.

Part two was about slavery, namely apologising and reparations. The two lefties of course were in favour of an apology, though ruled out reparation on the grounds the apology is too vague (i.e. we don’t have slaves, no old slaves survive, so it’s indirect ancestors and you can’t force money exchanges based on that). I was hoping Shaun would take the tact taken by Sayeeda Warsi on Question Time, namely that we cannot apologise for something we haven’t done (i.e. guilt cannot be hereditary). Sayeed is of course right, it’s like punishing the child of a murderer.

No such luck. Shaun trots out some lefty rubbish that slavery has caused black gang culture, which is weird because it’s a new phenomena really, and been the root of racism (again odd since there’s racism against other races – not just Africans). Britain should pay reparation, he says. But who will be forced to pay? Will he be paying? And to who exactly? And how is it right to punish the whole present day population for something done by some people from that country? Let alone for something done by some people over 200 years ago! What a nutter!

After the 1914-1918 Great War, as it was then known, the Treaty of Versailles demanded Germany pay reparation for its sins. It caused resentment, which gave rise to Hitler. It’s wrong to punish everyone for something done by a few, full stop, even more so if there’s 200 years between the event and the reparation. Guilt is not communal, and is not hereditary. Hence why we are now at peace with Germany, rather than endless hostility over old wounds.

I am really sorry slavery ever happened, but I have never ever owned slaves, and will not say sorry or pay any compensation to people not themselves harmed and with nothing to do with me. And, I am really proud Britain banned slavery.

Update: I’ve since researched Shaun more, and although I find his views on reparation crazy, he seems an able and sensible candidate in every other way. I am interested though how he came to such contrasting views.



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