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Fanning The Flames Of Hatred For TV Ratings 3 April 2007

Posted by David in BBC, Media, World.

On Thursday at 9pm, Channel 4 will screen The Mark of Cain, a fictional television drama about British soldiers in Iraq abusing some Iraqi prisoners. It’s already getting attacked, and rightly so. Even anti-war journalist Max Hastings has called it “a gross exaggeration”.

The writer claims “it shows, with some degree of empathy…how the chaotic situations they find themselves in lead to the abuse of prisoners.” It is based, he says, “on a number of real-life accounts.”

But what irritates me is that for many, this will fan the flames ofhatred. The extremist imams will no doubt have their VCRs set, ready to tape the programme and replay it to their followers. Others will watch it and be lead to become new followers.  For some at least, this fictional drama will prove the stories and their suspicious, and thus encourage more attacks both here and in Iraq.

Writers and broadcasters should think before fanning the flames of hatred.



1. hydralisk - 3 April 2007

Wonderful. If you’re a radical Islamist you don’t even need to be good at coming up with your own propaganda these days. You can just rent some from the West.

2. The Bicycling Chameleon - 4 April 2007

It’s like out sourcing really, they can just download it off YouTube.

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