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Swathes Of Politicians Could Face Arrest For Breaking Electoral Law 4 April 2007

Posted by David in Funny.

Swathes of politicians could face arrest for breaking an electoral law dating back to 1766.

An election pack issued by Bournemouth Borough Council stated that “lunatics and idiots” were disqualified from standing. Quite a few current politicians fit both these descriptions. They also disqualified what they called the “deaf and dumb”.

Matt Pitcher, electoral services officer, said it was a mistake and that the terms were taken directly from election law dating back to 1766. “Of course such language is certainly not acceptable today,” he added.

The Bicycling Chameleon understands “deaf and dumb” to be totally and utterly offensive and wrong, but notes that “lunatics and idiots” is a good description of most politicians.

“The terminology used as part of our election pack to candidates was unfortunately taken directly from a piece of election law which dates from 1766 but is still current today.”

The Crown Prosecution Service tells The Bicycling Chameleon this evening that there are sadly no plans to charge those politicians breaking the lunatics and idiots law. “Evidence would be hard to prove in court.” Really?

“Bournemouth council treats all people fairly whatever their sexual orientation, age, religious belief, disability, gender or race and the council apologises unreservedly for any offence which may have been caused.”

“The information pack has been amended.” Good.

Shame it’s late for April Fools really.


1. crushed by Ingsoc - 4 April 2007

An MP has only once been removed for being Mad.
1916, A Liberal. Can’t remembver his name.

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