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What Has Iran Gained? 4 April 2007

Posted by David in Iran, World.

Iran is to free the 15 captive sailors. I will believe it when I see it, but fingers crossed we will be seeing it soon. Their release is “a gift to the British people” according to Iran’s President, who has asked Tony Blair not to put them on trial for allegedly entering Iranian waters. So after all this tension, what has Iran gained?

Surprisingly, quite a lot. For a good many days, Britain and the US have looked ridiculously weak against Iran – both militarily and diplomatically – with the EU refusing any trade sanctions. In public opinion too we have looked weak, the shrugged shoulders of majority opinion. Across Iran and the Muslim world, Iran has looked powerful and mighty. Now, by releasing the hostages, they are trying to look magnanimous at home and abroad. The shrugged shoulders in the West can now say “oh they can’t be that bad, they released them without any demands”.

In the propaganda battle is may well be Iran 1, Britain 0?



1. crushed by Ingsoc - 4 April 2007

Yes, I did have a lovely moent of Schadenfreude.
No glowing legacy for Tony here.
Norhern Ireand- Unlikely.
Irag- No.
Devolution- Not panning out according to plan.
Lords Reform- Somewhat lost its way.
New Deal- When did you hear anyone last mention that?
Fox hunting- Is that a legacy?

Running otut of options here, tony.

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