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Life On Mars Or Life On Meacher? 11 April 2007

Posted by David in BBC, Labour.

Last night BBC1’s 1973-fest Life On Mars came to a surreal and strange but in keeping conclusion, where the answer to whether Sam Tyler was “mad, in a coma or back in time” was revealed as any or all of the above. Personally I think it was all a dream while he was in a coma, he recovered, and now he’s died and gone back to it (the dream). But if you’ll be missing your weekly dose of 1973 nostalgia and total surreal strangeness, there’s always Life On Meacher.

The 68 year old left wing disaster area, far worse to watch than any accident, has had an article in The Times and claims to be modern with his blog and glossy leadership campaign website (but curiously lacks a photo on Wikipedia). He calls for equality, spewing out statistics on executives of FTSE 100 companies and the poverty linelike a mildly angered volcano. He wrote in his book, Socialism with a Human Face, that “too many people have second homes or too large homes for their needs.” It’s all very, well, 1973.

Because where was Michael Meacher in 1973? Well, in the opposition backbenches to be precise, but by 1975 he was the Under-Secretary for Health and Social Security for the governments of Harold Wilson and Jim Callaghan, until their disastrous socialist experiment ended in 1979 election of Margaret Hilda Thatcher.

His period in office saw Britain begging money from the International Monetary Fund, levels of inflation peaking at 24%, and unemployment only kept down by huge state created artificial jobs in low level industry. There was the brain drain, as anyone who could leave, did so. So he has a good record…

Reading his campaign materials, it’s like another World. Are they mad, in a coma, or have they gone back in time?



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