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Is the World Doomed? 15 April 2007

Posted by David in World.

The BBC is running a story about nuclear power, and its spread across the World. Personally, I’m against nuclear power for three reasons. Not safety, which I hope is no longer a concern, but because (1) I wouldn’t want it built next to me and so it’s hypocritical to put it elsewhere, (2) the costs are very disputed and I never sign blank cheques, and (3) what do we do with the waste for the next X many years and at what cost?

But my concern, as the article demonstrates, is the now seemingly terminal waning of Anglosphere power. The British era ended, we know that, but now too is the American era. “The present system is a fraud. A few countries can’t continue to tell the rest of us what to do,” says Pranab Mukherjee, the Indian Foreign Minister.

The article was spurred by the lifting of ineffective American sanctions on nuclear material – the welcoming of India to the nuclear club. But where will it end. Sanctions are now ineffective as we are unable and unwilling to enforce them – having a Navy now similar to that of Belgium – yet by not enforcing them we are appeasing ever more powerful forces who’s values and wants directly oppose our own (i.e. Iran). The situation is fast matching in many ways the analysis of Niall Ferguson.

I think now would be a good time to state that I opposed the Iraq war. Not in a Not In My Name/Stop The War lefty pacifist sense, but in a tactical and military sense – I didn’t think it a priority because Saddam wasn’t an immediate threat (probably could have been bought off anyway) and it was done with a bad strategy (now evident). But now is not the time to turn and run, isolationism now would be the worst possible option.

With the spread of nuclear knowledge the World is doomed, unless we make it “un-doomed”.



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