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Bring Back Moira 25 April 2007

Posted by David in BBC.

The BBC has sacked Moira Stuart! How dare they! Moira Stuart is a truly fantastic newsreader who has given long and loyal service to the BBC, reading the news in a dignified and eloquent manner so far removed from some presenting these days.

The BBC says “the traditional newsreader role has all but died out”, but this is a bad thing. Moira, who I’m surprised has never been given an honour of some kind (like Sir Trevor McDonald), has a lovely voice and polite manner – which is a rare thing on TV. Her episode of ancestry programme Who Do You Think You Are? was one of the best. I hope they give her some similar presenting role elsewhere on the BBC.


1. blacks are being discriminated against - 28 April 2007

this is where ITV should come in these people have been on tv along time and they are well trusted and well known.

ITV would be doing itself a favour by taking her on as it is BBC’s loss they recently got rid of another fellow BLACK person from RADIO WM – Robert Beckford.

2. etellaCype - 3 August 2008


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