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Selective Quotes To Be Banned By Nanny State 28 April 2007

Posted by David in EU, Europe, European Union.

We’ve all seen it; “Superb”, “a masterpiece”, “the greatest thing since sliced bread”. The short quotes used to publicise films (and books) because there isn’t really any other way of describing a film or book quickly enough on a billboard, poster or cover. Being sane human beings (or at least not being total utter idiots), we take these quotes with a pinch of salt, they are after all adverts, and understand it’s obviously only part of a longer description.

But of course we are not to be trusted. The EU’s new Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, which comes into effect in Britain next April, bans promotions that are “likely to deceive the average consumer, even if the information is correct”.

Now I’m not for deceiving consumers, I am very pro-consumer rights, but consumers are not total idiots. Selective editing is wrong, but do we really need protecting from it? The new law will require test cases, so it is as yet unclear where it will end.

And come to think of it, how guilty is the EU of selective editing? I know loads of people who voted Yes to a Common Market in 1975 but weren’t told it would become the EU, in fact they were guaranteed that it wouldn’t. I have seen an EU printed “Citizen’s Copy” of the EU Constitution, abridged to 8 pages of very selective quotes. The EU would have been shut down years ago if it had to meet even basic consumer protection laws.

It has however got me thinking about all the quotes used as tag lines on blog headers. My own – “As discussed in Prime Minister’s Questions!” – is of course true but possibly rather misleading (it was only referenced). I will probably soon be able to add “And illegal under EU law” as well. But I wonder how selective others have been? Iain Dale’s Diary, as essential to my morning as Marmite, I hate Marmite and never touch the stuff? Nah.


1. William Humbold - 29 April 2007

Vote online about the future of Europe at http://www.FreeEurope.info . One liner:”human development in its richest diversity” (John Stuart Mill)

2. reawJinia - 17 March 2009

I’m new here.. just wanted to say hi!

3. mercury in swine flu jabs kills - 27 November 2009

the head of the eu declared “we are an a empire”
“he thinks centralisation an globalisation are a good thing”
he holds the same values as the worlds ruling elites
which is creating a european union an asian union a north american union leading to american union combine the southern countrys too
an replacing the dollar with a new note for all american countrys like the eu currnency an soon the asian currency which after 15 or so years they will combine into a one world currency , electronic only money sytems with no cash or gold allowed for trading goods or shares
they want to micro chip us for “our safety” they want us to take our freedom an hand it them on a plate an create a one world goverment an it is coming
an get ready for the fox news reality an david rockefellas evil plan to lower the population of the worlds poor by 50% by 2020
with “new ways to contain an surpress population numbers”
the rockefella group took up many of hitlers plans an wisdom an implimented it into covertly druging the population by contaminating drinking water an food products comenily bought by poor people an dieters these are facts research it an if you disagree you must have outside intrests,
an yes the masons are a big part of this too
but the cream of the cream is the top masons the top jews top world royals including ours an the an the saudis as well as other top mulsim ruling elites who share the worlds biggest banking cartels view that the world needs new socially acceptable(2the untrained eye) ways of bumping of millions of people for the fear of future population exspansion which would affect there plan for a one world government ,tax system, an world army/police force sounds far fetched they tuaght us a media students to read through the lines
media is a format not a truth
god bless our children the alseep let them burn

4. mercury in swine flu jabs kills - 27 November 2009

sorry about the grammer on all my post
i may have problems with grammer but im not stupid
research these facts on youtube etc
aspartame , fluoride, msg , watch the videos by top doctors condeming them as un safe an ask youir self why it took 20 years for one of those drugs to be given the green light in foods thanks to the firm apointing donald rumsfiled as chairman (to get a leathal drug through the fda approval) i shhh word to the the president an a bung an hey hoe
medication covertly for the population

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