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The Geographical Guide To Sin 13 May 2007

Posted by David in Comment, World.

Michael Gove and his mother-in-law have introduced a new discussion game to Britain, as yet unnamed it seems. Apparently you have to match each of the 7 Deadly Sins to a country (I guess you could do it for anywhere really), and its very popular in Italy. So here goes;

Lust – France, need I say more
Anger – Iran, keen to destroy millions
Pride – Australia, where they fly their flag and can win stuff
Sloth – Spain, where everywhere closes at lunchtime
Envy – UK, where “keeping up with the Jones'” is endemic
Gluttony – USA, closely followed by the UK
Greed – Hong Kong, ultimate consumer city

No doubt it will be labelled politically incorrect, so enjoy your discussions while they last.


Brown Towns 13 May 2007

Posted by David in Comment, Environment, Labour.
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David Dimbleby is in the Sunday Telegraph with his new book, How We Built Britain. I find it rather alarming that he finds the Lloyd’s Building “a work of genius” as it’s well known as London’s most depressing building to work in (with huge numbers of depression cases), something he just about alludes to with talk of it having “no natural light” but narrowly avoids – as do most supporters of modernism, who can dismiss any evidence of their architectural cult’s never ending failings confidently and callously with unbelievable ease.

But Dimbleby’s biggest mistake is when he says “The modernist architects adopted a rational approach to the problem, studying the way people seemed to lead their lives and designing houses to match, rather than offering the kind of houses people thought they wanted.” Whilst he is right that “it was a mistake”, modernists never designed buildings for the way people actually lead their lives – rather they designed buildings for the way they felt they people should lead their lives. Modernism has a huge, left wing and totalitarian history to it; un-human in scale, unnatural in material, inflexible in design, they are “machines for living in” designed by planners who see people as cogs in the machine (a la Modern Times) rather than human beings. Which leads me to Gordon Brown…

Gordon Brown, stepping out from the shadows, has announced plans for five new carbon neutral towns. Now, after getting over the shock of the term “new towns” – so gloriously epitomised in Milton Keynes and Crawley – we have to ask, where? How can you just build five “new towns”? Apparently brown field sites will be used, but there aren’t that many. Once again, more countryside will be destroyed.

Gordon Brown And The Deliberately Placed Auto-Que 12 May 2007

Posted by David in Labour.

Brown Auto-Que

So Comrade Stalin Gordon Brown has thrown his hat into the ring to become next politbureau Labour leader and thus, Prime Minister. He declared himself not interested in style, a badly placed auto-que blocking half his face from the main TV camera seemingly proving this. The BBC gladly pointed this out, “this proves he is more about substance not style” they practically said. But there’s no way the camera man, stage set up team and Gordon Brown himself could have missed it- he put it there on purpose to try to prove his “substance not style” point.