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Gordon Brown And The Deliberately Placed Auto-Que 12 May 2007

Posted by David in Labour.

Brown Auto-Que

So Comrade Stalin Gordon Brown has thrown his hat into the ring to become next politbureau Labour leader and thus, Prime Minister. He declared himself not interested in style, a badly placed auto-que blocking half his face from the main TV camera seemingly proving this. The BBC gladly pointed this out, “this proves he is more about substance not style” they practically said. But there’s no way the camera man, stage set up team and Gordon Brown himself could have missed it- he put it there on purpose to try to prove his “substance not style” point.



1. DaveP - 29 May 2007

I can’t see that he put it there on purpose tbh. I can imagine it either to be a cock up by some lowly member of staff, or something purposefully done by one of his opponents.

2. mercury in swine flu jabs kills - 27 November 2009

there reading other peoples words turn off the auto que an gordon would panic an freeze up like obama did when his auto que broke during a speech he panicked an was lost for words he is just a puppet all politicians are like wwe wrestlers they pretend to be
real but its all from a script wrote by somebody else
an the out come is already decided

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