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Welcome to Chameleons on Bicycles, the online journal of opinion, Chameleon at Deskcurrent affairs, news, predictions and rumours. Chameleons on Bicycles was created in May 2006 as an alternative source of news away from the media circus, which often overlooks important stories or facts. It is also a place for thoughts, ideas, rumours and anything else that seems to fit in.

Chameleons on Bicycles is an open house publisher, using articles and pieces from a number of authors. If you would like to add a piece, please email dbbb220@aol.com with details.

So why call it "Chameleons on Bicycles"? Well, we thought we'd seen it all, Labour supporters dressed up as grim reapers, Conservatives as Groundhogs and, well, Liberal Democrats full stop. That was 2005. Then Labour springs to action in 2006 with "Dave the Chameleon" (on his bike); because the Conservatives are changing under David Cameron, or apparently only their image is according to Labour (despite really still being true blue, as well as green, yellow, red and pink, it's really a rather confusing zoological concept). Anyway, it's an odd thing, which most found quite sweet looking, and so its now the unofficial Tory mascot. There's even a Conservative Chameleon Army (see links), and we're happy to use it as well.

So please, enjoy the blog, post comments, maybe write to us and look at a few of the selected links. Opinions on Chameleons on Bicycles are of their respective authors and not necessarilly of the Conservative Party or the blog ownership. The blog is supportive of but not affiliated to the Conservative Party.



1. bibomedia.com - 7 March 2008


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