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Outrage at School Sex Education for 5 Year Olds 3 March 2007

Posted by David in Comment, Education, Kent, Political Correctness Gone Mad, Schools.
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The Churchill School in Hawkinge, near Folkestone, Kent, has caused outrage at plans to show sexually explicit material to 5 year olds. The DVD, Living and Growing, “includes gently introducing sex education to younger children, through puberty and birth, to media images” as well as talks about “same-sex relationships and teenage pregnancy,” according to its sales leaflets.

It apparently includes graphic depictions of the private areas of human anatomy and crude language. Its literature also says it “cchallenges beliefs” and aims to build “positive attitudes”. Five year olds shouldn’t have beliefs or attitudes in this area! It’s political correctness gone mad.

Parents were given a screening of the film, and all were outraged. They have the choice for their children not to see the DVD, but as they rightly point out the children will talk in the playground. Many have threatened to leave the school, they are evidently very good parents.

The headteacher declined to be interviewed by the BBC. Only one parent supported the DVD to the TV cameras, and she did so quickly, nervously and was seemingly very uncomfortable with what she was saying – I guess she is probably the headteacher’s friend.

It’s outrageous that primary school children are having any form of sex education, let alone this young and this graphic. These crazed people aim to destroy the innocense of childhood, we cannot let them do this.