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Mrs Wu Ends Her Fight 3 April 2007

Posted by David in China, Wu Ping.
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Her battle to save her little house had become an international story, but today the tiny house of Mrs Wu Ping is no more. The BBC reports “the family of Wu Ping gave up defending their Chongqing house after reportedly reaching a deal with the authorities. The nail house – so called because it refused to be hammered down – had been isolated in a huge construction pit after other households agreed to move. The dispute became a cause celebre for ordinary Chinese people who have tried to fight property developers. But the struggle came to an end on Tuesday, when a few dozen people looked on as the two-storey brick building was broken up by an earth mover.”

I hope she was happy with her final agreed compensation.

Three Cheers For Wu Ping 23 March 2007

Posted by David in China, Comment, World, Wu Ping.

I hate compulsory purchase powers and land grabs, like that being proposed at Stansted Airport, so I love this story about a Chinese lady refusing to budge.

Mrs Wu Ping and her husband are holding up a major development, because they don’t want to move. They are refusing to let the authorities demolish their modest but loved home. Good for them.

A deadline set by the court ordering her to authorise the demolition ran out on Thursday, and it was not clear what steps the authorities would take next. The Chinese media have dubbed her “the stubborn nail” for her refusal to give up.

But Ms Wu defended her decision, “I’m not stubborn or unruly, I’m just trying to protect my personal rights as a citizen. I will continue to the end,” she was quoted as saying in the state-run Legal Daily.

Land grabbing is a terrible thing, and a lot has gone on to build the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Here too it goes on, for the 2012 Olympics and other projects.