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You Cannot Go To A Beef-Eaters And Say You’re A Vegetarian – Yes You Can 7 July 2006

Posted by David in Europe.
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TheSortie EU Europe row has heated up today, this coming after Jose Manuel Barroso – President of the European Commission – warned Gordon Brown that he must toe the Brussels line and be a willing, enthusiastic member of “the club” if/when he becomes Prime Minister. 

Mr Barroso said Britain has a “great tradition of clubs” and must be a fully loyal member rather than a reluctant one to win trust. We currently understand he means one of those undemocratic, smoke filled and costly “clubs” full of extremely grumpy old men.

Barroso – a slimy snivelling Euro-Nationalist weasel from Portugal – said “you cannot go to a beefeaters and say you’re a vegetarian”. We are pleased to tell him, you can, just you have to order the mushroom melt. Beefeaters Restaurants are the closest we have to Beef-eaters clubs in this country, as we have better things to do than join clubs for consumption of meat.

Going on, Barroso told us again that we are not part of the Euro. We have noticed – it’s why we’re successful and Europe’s not. We have to be part of the Euro to be involved in Euro decision making he says – well obviously. We have no say in the Euro, just like we have no say in the Dollar, Yen or Rupee. Best of all, they have no say over the Pound, which sounds better to me.

Labour dismissed him as a “tinpot dictator”. Evidently Gisela Stuart MP is in charge of press releases today.

Then I am directed to, much to my delight- “A senior Tory yesterday raised the prospect of Britain quitting the EU under a future Conservative government. Shadow Europe minister Graham Brady said we could not remain a member if the EU continued to block free trade with other countries. He told a Westminster seminar: “Can Britain afford to remain in an EU that is pulling up the drawbridge? No we can’t.” Hooray for that.