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Punk Rocker With Flowers In Her Hair? 15 June 2006

Posted by David in Uncategorized.

Am I the only one who finds Sandi Thom's #1 single "Oh I Wish I Was PunkA Punk Rocker (With flowers in my hair)" painfully Margaret Thatcherannoying? It just goes on and on, and is so tedious. It's grumpy old men with even more socialist bite than normal – they, by the way, have already annoyed me with their moans about 'choice' which they hate so much. To me, it is just another example of the very false romanticism of "the left" and conversely, demonisation of "the right" and "economic liberalism". It is maybe because socialism failed – miserably, everywhere and obviously. Yet who'd trade present day for '77 or '69, when, as Sandi Thom rightly notes, revolution was in the air – strikes, inflation, unemployment, failing Labour governments (there are some similarities then).

Every piece about post-war popular history seems geared towards the socialist perspective, why? From TV dramas (remember the stomach churningly biased "Faith" on BBC1 last year weeks before a general election) to music, the left always dominates. Why is there not a conservative/liberal perspective ever shown?

I can't see anyone singing "Oh I wish I was a yuppy with a headband in my hair, in '79 and '83 Thatcherism was in the air" – but it would make more sense.



1. Chris Palmer - 15 June 2006

Do you know, I haven’t even heard this song.

However, the reason why we rarely hear conservative views from the media/music/BBC/whatever is because liberals have come to dominate those insitutions.

Rather simplistically I think of it like this:

While conservatives chose to go into ‘selfish, mean, nasty, inhumane’ lines of work such as banking, shopkeeping, the armed forces etc, the supposed ‘caring, sharing, nicey-nicey’, left and liberals went into institutes like the media, arts, music, teaching etc – thus gaining influence by other means – which slowly but surely allowed them to errode away conservative values.

It’s not so much a conspiracy in the way liberals chose to do this – but a state of mind.

Also, has socialism really failed? Perhaps in this country, but look to the rest of the world… and then again, look at this country, and at the green movements. Political partys are no longer needed to envisage and enact socialism.

2. blogger - 19 June 2006

Chris, you are lucky to have escaped it!

Socialism as a political-economic system has failed, as a political movement it sadly still thrives.

3. Vincenzo Pandolfi - 21 July 2006

Well, I actually think it is a good song.

However, being an old rocker from the 70’s from an Italian progressive rock band called Quel Pazzo Mondo, I am having a bit of trouble reconciling “Punk…with fowers ….” The hippies of Woodstock days may have had flowers in their hair, but not punks….

Please correct me if I am wrong!!!

Good luck to Sandi anyway. I think she has talent…

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